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Thursday, June 17, 2010

two sons. the bowland-barker murder

After over two years of off and on research and one winter's work in the writing, my book Two Sons is now in print. The story of the murder of Franklin Barker by his brother-in-law, Robert M. Bowland, is barely mentioned in the local history books. Perhaps the somewhate "delicate" aspects and the bitter wounds and feud associated with the event had a dampening effect on historians who lived closer in time to the mid-1800s events. Perhaps it was the politics and influence and the rise in power of men like John Sherman, Samuel Kirkwood, Mordecae Bartley, and others involved with the case, including hundreds of prominent local citizens who signed petitions to pardon the cowardly, nere-do-well Bowland, that caused historians to keep their tounges. Or perhaps others just aren't as fascinated with the story as I am, but that's for you to decide. The book is available at Main Street Books, or through my website at . I'll be having a book signing at Main Street Books on July 2 from 5:30 to 7:30 during First Friday. There's a facebook page at Two Sons. If you're a facebook member, please "like" the page so I can spread the word around.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hopewell earthworks at newark

June 1 was one of four days a year that the golf course at Moundbuilders Country Club is shut down for full public access to the mound groupings there. Conditions turned out perfect for photographs. The sky was perfect and a 5pm the shadows were getting longer and everyone else in Ohio was busy with other things. I spent about an hour walking around the site and didn't see or meet another sole.