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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

374 bartley

A footnote to today's News Journal article about last night's Council Caucus mentions what Mayor Culliver called petty criticism by Doug Versaw about the city purchasing a house at 374 Bartley Ave with NSP funds. The house in question is currently in contract with a listing price of 59,900. The purchase price of 59,432 was mentioned in the NJ article. The house has been on the market about a year and a half but is not abandoned or distressed. Culliver warned that criticism could jeopardize the city's application for round 2 NSP funds of $5 million. It seems contradictory to suggest that the criticism is petty but at the same time could be substantial enough to jeopardize the future funding.

Monday, December 28, 2009

prescott house

The Ohio Historic Preservation Office has determined that 331 Prescott appears to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places based on its association with Joseph Allonas and his contributions to Mansfield's industrial growth, etc.

The result of this determination is that the city is directed to engage consulting parties (the Historical Society, Dowtown Mansfield) in exploring alternatives to demolition.

If no "savior" owner is found or plan for redevelopment, the property could eventually be demolished, but as it turns out progress has already been made to secure a new owner and land bank it.