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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


One of the difficult decisions with the blockhouse restoration has been how to deal with the old dark redish brown stain on the older logs. It was obviously there to stay. My personal feeling was to treat the wood without a paint or stain and let the differences in the color of the logs tell their own story. The other extreme was to stain all the logs, which was a course that Don Hutsler of the Ohio Historical Society recommended. At this juncture the committee has chosen to paint a gray stain over the brown and leave the color of the new logs to weather, which will still allow the visual interpretation of the new vs old logs while evening out the color overall. It seems like a good compromise, and will be reviewed at the Sept 16 Historic Preservation Commission meeting. Hopefully if this can be codified, so to speak, it will stand a chance of not being undone by some future whim of the city.